Benidorm in November

Benidorm in November - Benidorm is the perfect all year round holiday destination, but find out exactly what to expect from a holiday here during the month of November.

Just like every month in Benidorm, each offers tourists something different and November is no exception to the rule.  

How busy is it in Benidorm during November?

The amount of Tourists varies greatly in November:  Early November is quiet, whilst everyone holds their breath for one of the busiest weeks of the year, where thousands arrive for the Fiestas Mayores Patronales, "November Fiesta Week",  which always begins on the Friday of the second weekend of November,  after the official Fiestas Benidorm hosts what is one of the main events of the year especially for British Tourists, the Famous Fancy Dress Street Party, (more details below in the events section).

The atmosphere during the fiesta is likely to be livelier and more bustling than other times in November, with locals and visitors participating in the celebrations.

During the main fiesta week, all events take place in the old town, making this a very busy area, with thousands of national and international tourists, lining the streets for the various parades that take place.

The new town during fiesta week will be busy and every where open with lots of additional entertainment taking place in the cabaret venues, karaoke bars, or other entertainment options. Check the the Benidorm Seriously Whats ON Guide. for performances during your visit.

Once the madness of fiesta week has subsided, Benidorm once again becomes quiet, and some bars, restaurants and entertainment venues will take this opportunity to close, for their own holidays or refurbishments, before the busy Christmas period begins.

Benidorm in November

It's important to have realistic expectations about the entertainment scene in Benidorm during November, before and after the fiesta week. While it might not be as bustling and energetic as other times, you can still find enjoyable activities and experiences, especially if you appreciate a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. 

If you plan to visit Benidorm during the November Fiesta Week, keep in mind that accommodations and services might be in higher demand during this period, so it's a good idea to book your travel arrangements well in advance

Thinking of booking a holiday in November? Use this page to find your perfect accommodation.

Things to do in November

While some attractions and activities might have reduced hours or availability in November, there's still plenty to see and do in Benidorm, here are a few ideas.

Beach Strolls: While swimming and sunbathing might not be as popular due to cooler temperatures, the beaches of Benidorm, such as Levante Beach and Poniente Beach, are perfect for leisurely walks and enjoying the scenic views.

Old Town Exploration: Wander through the charming streets of the Old Town (Casco Antiguo) with its narrow alleys, historic buildings, and quaint shops. Don't miss the Balcon del Mediterraneo, a viewpoint offering breath taking vistas. Visit the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, a beautiful blue-domed church, and explore other cultural sites like the Benidorm Cultural Centre or the Casa del Fester, which showcases the town's festival traditions.

Shopping: Benidorm offers a variety of shopping options, including markets and shops. Check out the Mercado Municipal, where you can find fresh produce and local products, or explore the boutiques in the new town.

Outdoor Activities: Enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking in the nearby Sierra Helada Natural Park or one of the many other walks in around Benidorm

Day Trips: Explore the surrounding areas by taking day trips to nearby towns like Altea, Villajoyosa, or Guadalest, each known for its unique charm and attractions.

and of course FIESTA, FIESTA, FIESTA

Special Events and Red Days (public Holidays) 

1st November All Saints Day, Todos Los Santos

All Saints Day in Spain (Todos Los Santos) this is a very important national public holiday when people from all over the country return to their town or village to lay flowers on the graves of deceased relatives. There are few religious days that mean quite so much to the ordinary people of Spain as this day.

Benidorm November Fiestas - 8th to 13th November.  Fancy Dress Day Thursday 14th.

These always begin on the Friday of the second weekend of November and officially ends the following Wednesday with a spectacular Firework display.

During the November Fiesta Week, you can expect the following:

Parades and Processions: Colourful parades, processions, and religious ceremonies are an integral part of the fiesta. These events showcase the local culture and traditions.

Benidorm in November

Fireworks: Firework displays are common during the fiesta, adding to the festive atmosphere and there will be plenty here in Benidorm with the main display on the Wednesday night, to signify the end of the fiesta.

Street Performances and Entertainment: The fiesta often includes street performances, live music, and entertainment, contributing to the celebratory mood.

Fairgrounds and Rides: Amusement rides, fairgrounds, and temporary markets might be set up as part of the festivities.

13th, 14th NOVEMBER, local bank holidays, offices, banks etc will be closed.

Benidorm Fancy Dress Day is Europe´s Biggest Fancy Dress Party  - 14th November 2024

This is not officially part of the Spanish Fiestas.  It is always held on the Thursday, after the Spanish fiestas finish and is the most popular day celebrated by the British tourists.

Benidorm in November

Expect 1000s of people out and about in fancy dress, from early in the morning till late at night. Find lots of photos from previous years here.

Find more detailed information about both the above HERE

Fiesta of the Carxofa (Benidorm) The Artichoke Fiesta  This takes place during the weekend after the Fiestas Mayores Patronales, (the third weekend of November) and is one of the most endearing and oldest in Benidorm This Fiesta is similar to a thanksgiving or harvest festival. The burning of the artichoke takes place in the Square in front of The Royal Queens Hotel.

Find information on ALL the major fiestas held in Benidorm here.

Average Monthly weather for November

November in Benidorm is typically the 5th coldest and the 2nd wettest month of the year.

Daytime temperature - 18.8°C.

Nightly temperature - 9.5°C.

Average temperature - 14.1°C.

Daily sunshine - 6.3 hrs.

Average rainfall - 53 mm.

Rainy days - 10 days.

Sea temperature - 18.7°C.

Humidity - 69%.

Windspeed - 10.4kph.

The data used in these monthly averages covers a period of over 100 years right up until last year, ALL temperatures are taken in the SHADE.

Benidorm Seriously Facebook Group - Members' Personal Experiences of their November Holidays.

Scott Sweeney - Stayed every year for 18 years for the fiesta , most of the years the weather has been cracking.

Julie Handley - Stayed several times in November after the Fiesta. Quieter than usual but still plenty of places open. Nice and warm during the day, we’ve even been able to swim in the sea as it’s still quite warm. Temperature does drop when the sun goes down so a jacket is advisable. We had a fair bit of rain one year but usually plenty of warm sunshine 

PatandMike Fenna - We have been going in November for a good few years now , weather is ok , warm during the day cooler at night , plenty of acts on .

Harry Hobson - Arrived after the fiesta.  Weather was good warm few days of rain but it wasn’t a problem. Goes cold at night definitely need warm coat. Lots of nice places to visit plenty of bars restaurants. Definitely go again in November. I’ve been in fiesta time years ago. But I’m happy with the quieter times now. Old age might just be a contributor to this haha.

Mandy Jewell - We've stayed in Benidorm many times in November, but we've never been there for the fiesta. The temperature during the day has reached between 20C and 25C but drops at night so you need a jacket for the evenings. Most days have been sunny, but we've had a few cloudy days, and a couple of days when it has rained, but not heavy and not all day.  We have been swimming in both the sea and the pool.

The last week in November is noticeably quieter everywhere, but most places are still open. November is our second favourite month (after October), and we have booked for 3 weeks this year so we will finally be there for the fiesta.

Margaret Edwards - Had a fabulous time end of Nov into Dec plenty off venues open with brilliant entertainment will book again Nov

Have you had a holiday in Benidorm in NOVEMBER?  If so comment below, descriptive and helpful comments may be added to this webpage.

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