Family Holidays in Benidorm - A week in Benidorm with a 5 year old

Family holidays in Benidorm - It is often stated that Benidorm is not a suitable holiday resort for families, this could not be further from the truth.  With Benidorm having something for any age, young or old, you can have what ever type of holiday you wish: you can party 24/7, have a relaxing break, enjoy the hotel facilities and beaches or explore the wonderful surrounding area and various theme parks.  Basically if you can´t find what you are looking for in Benidorm, you are not looking in the right areas.

The Different areas of Benidorm explained

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Having family here is always a good excuse to get out and about, and it was our 5 year old grandson's first visit.

Living here we do have a car, making it easier to get to places out of town, but public transport links are exceptionally good in this area and all the places listed below can be reached via tram, bus, taxi or on a organised day trip. or of course you could hire a car.

One week in Benidorm with a 5 year old, this is what we got up to:-

Day one - A trip to Dino Park and cactus gardens - Any small child will just love this place with its massive dinosaurs, it is also easily accessible for children in pushchairs, and the stunning cactus gardens and views of the surrounding mountains make this a day out that all the family will enjoy - Find more information on opening times and prices here.

A cool down at the Font de Favala, La Nucia - This is a wonderful small waterfall that we lovingly call poor mans Algar Falls, it is a lovely place for a child (and adults) to cool down, there is a small shallow pool at the base of the waterfall, perfect for a paddle, there is also a good cafe which serves a menu del dia, ice creams etc, and a small children´s play area and toilets.  Parking is limited.  Find more information on La Nucia here.

Family Holidays in Benidorm

A visit to Guadalest, no trip to Benidorm is complete without a trip to the mountain top village of Guadalest, with its castle, stunning views and various museums. If you do not have a car and the bus is not suitable there are several organised trips to Guadalest.  Find information here.

A night out in Altea - Altea has a fantastic promenade but the main attraction especially at night is the old town, with its famous cobbled streets and restaurants to suit every taste.  If you go during the peak summer months then the main square is the place to be with balloon modellers and caricature artists, which children love.  Easy access by tram, bus or taxi.  Find more information here.

Family holidays in Benidorm

Day 2 - As we packed so much into day 1, day 2 was a more restful day on the beach.  Benidorm itself has 5 beaches, most of which can be very busy during hight season and we as a family prefer somewhere slightly quieter so headed to the wonderful sandy beach of La Villa Joiosa.

Day 3 - A morning at the Caves - Cuevas de las Calaveras, Benidoleig.  These are perfect for any age but especially young children as the walk way is easy with no steep steps, the caves are a wonderful opportunity to cool down in the heat of summer, or warm up during winter, parking is plentiful here and there is a great gift shop, cafe and children´s play area.  If you do not have a car, there are organised excursions available - Find more information here.

Benidorm with a young family

After our visit to the caves we headed over to Calpe to enjoy and afternoon on the beach,

Day 4 - An afternoon at Aitana Safari, ALL children love animals and Safari Aitana is slightly different from a normal zoo, as you are in the comfort of your own car as you follow the guide around, you do however get up close and personal with various animals as you stop at different locations on the tour, getting out of your vehicles when told it is safe to do so to watch the animals feed and listen to an informative talk (in English and Spanish) about the different animals surrounding you.  The safari itself lasts for approximately 2 hours.

Family Holidays in Benidorm

Day 5 - An afternoon at Mundomar - Perfect for any age, but especially younger children as there is not too much walking.  Sit and relax and enjoy the parrot, dolphin and sea lion shows, all included in the entry fee.  Tip purchase the afternoon ticket as it works out considerably cheaper than a day ticket, and a full day would be too much for a young child.

Day 6 - A day on a different beach in Calpe and a wonderful pizza for lunch at one of the many child friendly seafront restaurants available

Day 7 - A morning in Benidorm Old town, any trip to Benidorm has to include some time in the old town and even a young child can enjoy the atmosphere here, our grandson certainly did..

There is only so much you can pack into one week and there are many more things to do in Benidorm itself for families, such as water parks, TerraNatura, TerraMitica, Mini Golf, Festilandia, bowling, boat trips, a night at Benidorm Palace not to mention plenty of live entertainment suitable for the whole family, so YES Benidorm is a more than suitable holiday destination for an enjoyable family holiday.

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