Afternoon Tea Benidorm

Afternoon Tea in Benidorm

We are often asked where to go for afternoon tea in Benidorm, so here you will find some of the most popular places as recommended by our members.  Feel free to vote for your favourites or add some ideas of your own.

Where do you recommend for Afternoon tea?
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 Note - Prices are subject to change so double check with the venue, the prices above are correct as of May 2019.

What is an Afternoon Tea? it is a tea-related ritual, introduced in Britain in the early 1840s. It evolved as a mini meal to stem the hunger and anticipation of an evening meal.

Afternoon Tea composed of sandwiches (usually cut delicately into 'fingers'), scones with clotted cream and jam, sweet pastries and cakes. Interestingly, scones were not a common feature of early Afternoon Tea and were only introduced in the twentieth century.

Afternoon Teas were initially developed as a private social event for ladies who wanted to climb the society ladder.

Today many of these teas are served with Cava for that special occasion.

More information available on our Facebook Group

Cocktails in Benidorm

Cocktails in Benidorm

Partaking of cocktails in Benidorm is one of the most enjoyable parts of the Holiday for many people.  Many, particularly the large groups of ladies enjoying the hen do with the bride to be, search the town for the ultimate challenge of finding the perfect drink to liven up the holiday, without the pleasures that can only be found in Ice cream and Chocolate.  If you have been there, done that, got the tee shirt, then help others by voting in the poll below. 

All votes only last for 30 days, so our poll is always up to date. 

Not sure where to find a venue, click on the link to bring up an interactive map

Vote here for your favourite venue for Cocktails in Benidorm, you can vote for up to 5 venues and add other options if your favourite is not listed.

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Recipe for the perfect Sangria or Tinto Verano, the perfect dinks to remind you of Spain

Did you know?

Sangria’s origins probably date back to the Middle Ages, during a time when water was unhealthy to drink and drinking fermented beverages carried a much lower risk of causing illness. During this time, people would mix wine, which was much lighter and less potent than what we are used to today, with spices such as cinnamon.

Make a Mojito, easy recipe

The word “sangria” comes from the Latin word for blood, thanks to the original sangria’s reddish hue, a result of the red wine first used to make it

Find details of bars in Benidorm here 


Yorkshire Pride 3 logo

All about the Yorkshire Pride Benidorm Group 

Anyone that has been to Benidorm will be aware of the Yorkshire Pride bars, but did you know they have been in Benidorm for over 25 years?

Back in 1994 Tad opened the first Yorkshire Pride on Calle Gerona, this soon became a success due to the great quality, size and price of the meals and low cost drinks and YP 1 & 2 followed shortly so where ever you are in the New Town area you are never far away from a Yorkshire Pride bar.

Each bar has an extensive menu and every day there is something different on the Specials boards and of course there are also the famous Greedy mans Breakfasts, Fishy Fridays, Steak Saturdays and Sunday Roasts (which are available every day of the week), what ever you are looking for there is something for everyone on a Yorkshire Pride menu.

Sport also features highly at any of the Yorkshire Pride bars as does Karaoke.

Also part of the Yorkshire Pride group is the very popular Karaoke bar the Why Not.

Find your nearest Yorkshire Pride Bar

Yorkshire Pride 1, Calle Gerona re-opens 30th July.  Kitchen open from 7 days a week from 10.00 - 21.00

Yorkshire Pride 2, Situated on Calle Londres. CLOSED

You will also find live music here every night performed by Old School.

Yorkshire Pride 3 OPEN

Situated in the Rincon de Loix area, opposite the Levante Club and Spa Hotel on Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa

All the normal great quality food, quiz night every night,

Why Not Karaoke Bar - OPEN

The Why Not bar is considered by many to be Benidorm's number one Karaoke Bar! There is karaoke everyday from 1pm until 3am! They also have special offers on drinks. (please note, food is NOT served here).

Why Not

For more information on the Yorkshire Pride Group they can be found on Facebook here.  

Benidorm Right now

Benidorm Right Now, Holiday Makers Experiences

We all know the world is a slightly different place at the moment due to Covid19 and a holiday in Benidorm will also be slightly different during these times.  On this page we will share holiday makers personal experiences of a holiday in Benidorm Right Now.

There is still live entertainment here in Benidorm and plenty of venues showing live sport, use the WHATS ON GUIDE to see where and when.

Benidorm Right Now, Holiday Makers Experiences 

Edward Glass - 26th September  

We have just returned last night from a fortnight in Benidorm. We really enjoyed it despite the restrictions of maybe enjoyed it because of the restrictions. We felt very safe even more than we would have at home. Everyone over 6 years old wearing masks even Pre-school children up to very elderly people being pushed in wheelchairs. We did come across the odd one or two who seemed not to bother but the police were clamping down on them.

Social distancing was the norm. We were a bit apprehensive about going but we very impressed with the whole experience. We are Beni regulars but with everything in place it has gone really up in our estimations. Thank you, people of Benidorm👍

Benidorm Right Now

Angela Maine Me and my family have just got back after 16 day s& we had a great time in the old town

John Cropper

I was there from 29th August until 5th September, we stayed in Poseidon resort hotel (1 minute walk from Winners Bar which unfortunately was also closed). hotel was fairly busy but mostly Spanish people.

As for Benidorm yes the English quarter i'd say about 50-60% of the bars were closed whilst we were there but still more than enough bars were open to keep us busy even if they did close at 0100.  Plenty of restaurants open too both in Levante area and the old town so more than enough options to eat out. it was my first ever trip to Benidorm and enjoyed it so much I've already booked to come for 2 weeks over Xmas.

Wearing a face mask was a bit uncomfortable at first but got used to it and felt a lot safer than I do walking around outside in UK. One thing I will say is I was really impressed with how clean Benidorm is. didn't see one piece of litter on the pavement/roads for the whole of my stay.

Flights to Alicante from Manchester were virtually empty I counted 20 on the outbound flight and about 30/40 on the return flight. Alicante airport was deserted.

Tony Kelly September 2020

I was in Benidorm last week, yes new town is quiet, British square was all closed, some hotels are closed, old town was busy until Tuesday then that was quiet ish, lots of places on the beach. But it's a case of what you make of it, it's a holiday after all and if you don't need to quarantine get yourself out there, Benidorm needs the tourist's that can be there, yes its different. But I had a fantastic place in a resort I didn't think id go back to twice in a row.


Helen Dahlberg  September 2020

It's been quieter than previous holidays but I've still had a fantastic time, roll on my next holiday 

Susan Allison September 2020

It’s not as busy as before , but then no where else is either. There are bars open, and restaurants. The weather is gorgeous. The sun is shining . The beach is open. Limited entertainment I agree but there is entertainment. It’s a different world at the moment we have to adapt and make the most of what’s available everywhere. My son and his family came out in July we all had a ball. We have friends here now and they are loving it. It’s very quiet but also very relaxing. Eat, drink, lay in the sun and have some lovely walks and Enjoy. Some days busier than others but I would still come if I didn’t have to quarantine. Oh and if I didn’t already live here lol

Benidorm Right Now, Holiday makers experiences

Melanie J Smyth September 2020

Just back had a fabulous time much quieter in the new town but still plenty to see and do the surrounding areas are beautiful to visit and explore for a change old town is still very busy and everything is open there go and enjoy

Places to visit on the Costa Blanca North

Places to visit on the Costa Blanca South

Jayne Zalesny  September 2020

Been here from the 5th not much open struggling to find something good to eat but salt and chilli do a great curry as long as sunny I don’t mind I like sunbathing at pool bookies afternoon good breakfast in the indoor market and plenty of cheap booze at the bars that’s open plenty of open space so so safe

Benidorm Right Now, Holiday makers experiences

Gillian Eves, September 2020

As regulars to Benidorm, about 7 times a year, we have just returned.
We went end of July and Benidorm looked like it was getting back on its feet, and then the U.K. quarantine kicked in.
This week as we drove in, the first thing that hit us was the amount of parking spaces and the lack of people about. It was like a ghost town.
There are some bars and restaurants open but along the strip none of the cabaret venues are open. Rose and Crown, Red Lion 2, a bar along the front and Tropical had entertainment, however there is only so many times you can the see the same act, and there are a couple of acts that are on all the time in every venue open. We saw Ed Sheerans last show in Tropical and got to say it was emotional to see an act leaving.
I know people have different expectations of a holiday but if, like us you enjoy the cabaret side of Benidorm, it isn’t the vibrant scene that some of the photos that are being shown depict.
This post isn’t dissing Benidorm as we love Benidorm and it’s our happy place and I pray that it returns to its former glory but if people are spending their hard earned money to go and are relying on the photos that have been posted, it isn’t a true representation.

Audrey Delurey - September 2020

I really enjoyed it and saw different acts in different bars it was very busy in the bars we went to and all along beach front was very busy Pablo bloom played in roman along the beach Cris cabeytu was in champions Ed Sheeran, Adele Diego Cabeytu, Whitney tribute John Paul,  Sean Mac and a few more on at tropical and Sean Mac and Matt fisher were in rose and crown granted lots are closed but still enough on to pass your nights


Benidorm Right Now, Holiday Makers Experiences

David Rosser - September 2020 

My son and partner just came back Saturday, they stayed at the Dynastic Hotel, they had great time, yes not everything open but said there was plenty open to enjoy 8 of us going 1st of Oct can’t wait

Leia Campbell 

Went for the week last week as hadn't seen my niece & sister since December.
My honest opinion is its stressful, not at all like the fantastic happy sociable open night & day we all know & love. Personally I was visiting my family but if I was a tourist I wouldn't recommend it until late next year.

Allan Squair - September 2020

Here now Cala Finestrat Rocking Quality Bars Great Food Beach reminds me of Cuba live football in Bars market on Tuesday Saturday.

Shirley Sinclair -  Only thing different is it’s not busy.. but so what.. loving it...

Lisa O'Toole  - September 2020

Myself and 8 other family members was there a week and half ago, we had a fab time relaxing break, few bars and plenty of supermarkets open ,not busy but still a fab holiday 

Benidorm Right Now, Holiday Makers Experiences

Ant Rough - September 2020

Was out last week, stayed in the old town and that’s where I usually drink and socialise.
Most bars open, although must be closed by 0100, why the clubs can’t open , I don’t know.
Plenty open though, all good people and had some great times. Plenty of restaurants open, all serving the usual great scoff.
I would say most shops are open, very few closed. So apart from having to wear a mask and leaving the pub early, no real difference .

Thoroughly enjoyed it, back in January or before .


Theresa Scott - September 2020

We have enjoyed our time, very clean in most areas apart from the crispy leaves of autumn, seems strange walking on them in 30 degree's. Everybody has time for you. Please note the more we go to Benidorm the quicker it will recover. Feel safer here than at home, respect the face mask.

Angela Heaviside  - September 2020

We live here in Spain & went to Benidorm on Thursday for a few days in the Belroy. Thursday was very quiet but the weekend was buzzing albeit with mostly Spanish families. The beach was busy but well organised & monitored. Bars & shops in the old town are mainly open and well patronised. All in all, I would say if you can make it to Benidorm, get there & enjoy what is on offer.

Janet Evans - August 2020

We got home 29th august and absolutely loved it. Plenty of bars to drink in (also plenty closed) hotel 22% full so only about 20 - 30 people by pool. Also same with dining room. Most of the shops open. Have to wear a mask when out and about but a little price to pay when everything else brilliant hoping to come back in about 3 weeks. But of course you have to quarantine for 2 weeks

Sally James  - August 2020

Went 28th August for 9 days not the Benidorm were used to but we still had a great time! Rules that are in place are so much better than in England.  Get yourself there and enjoy a relaxing break 

Maggie Brown - July/September 2020

We were in Benidorm 27th July to the 5th of sept with a 7 year old, slowly found it to go quieter each day. however it was the best holiday we have ever had.

Still plenty of bars open to have a good time and plenty of good eating places x the weather was superb x safest I've felt to be honest since lockdown x we are now on the second week of quarantine and already looking forward to October for our next visit x fingers crossed Boris lifts the quarantine rules so Benidorm can get back to some normality x

Denise Whitney July 2020

Went in July and going back end of September it's a lot quieter but I liked it, felt very safe.

Photo by Denise Whitney, Levante Beach



Benidorm Steak Houses

Steak Houses in Benidorm

One of the most common questions on our Facebook Group is where to find a steak house in Benidorm.   There are loads to choose from, therefore this question is easier to answer by putting it to our members. 

There is a poll below where you can assist by adding your votes for the best ones you have found.  The poll is kept updated by removing any votes that are more than one month old.  Therefore if you have already voted and since found somewhere better, you can vote again in 30 days time.  

These places have been recommended by Benidorm Seriously Facebook Group Members.  You can Vote for more than one if you cant make up your mind.

Who does the best Steak in Benidorm?
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Benidorm Steak Houses

Not sure where they are located, click on the link on the poll above and it will bring up more detailed information on each business, including a fully interactive map, you can also contact the business direct if you have questions about their menus and enquire about special dietary requirements such as gluten free meals etc.  On this link you will also find our members reviews and be able to add your own, good or bad others want to know your thoughts.  You can also book your table in advance to avoid disappointment.


Most Restaurants here will also offer a take away service and some will even have home delivery options via Glovo or Deliveroo so you can enjoy your meal in the comfort of your own home, contact the restaurant direct for more details. 

To discuss this subject, feel free to add your comments below or join our Facebook Group and like our Facebook Page

Why not share this page with your friends and find out their opinion as well


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